Daka DK Leather

“I will take you… from who you are closer to who you want to be, using your own mind, body and spirit” ~ DK Leather

“A Daka or “Sacred Intimate” is a man who serves as a counsellor/therapist/healer/guide with the capacity to remain objectively present and grounded while purposefully and therapeutically employing erotic energy to evaluate, counsel and address a client’s deeply personal issues regarding sexuality, intimacy and relationship—fostering healing and integration thereof.” ~ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daka)

‘Only the gentle are truly strong’ ~ James Dean

Holistic Therapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, life coach, trainer, tarot reader, hypnotherapist, NLP, guide, mentor, shamanic practitioner, sexuality coach and educator, dreamer, writer, reader, storyteller, meditator, motorcyclist, nature lover, provider, seeker, inspirer and gentle guru.

What means most to me? I’m a parent and grandparent who loves my family and friends. Love, laughter and Life.

Available For:

private sessions;

  • psychotherapy & counselling
  • tuition, coaching & guidance (sexuality, spirituality, self development)
  • public workshops, demos, events (sexuality/gender/relationship diversities)
  • college, university, further education lectures
  • shamanic practitioner work
  • professional tarot/spiritual readings
  • handfasting/name blessing celebrant

More about Us

There are three of us in my primary relationship. We’re a couple but of three. It’s a long term (21 years) polyamorous family. My mum calls us the tripod! We’re from very varying backgrounds yet all well educated and experienced in the world. I was born in London, Rachel lived in Wolverhampton when we met and Lu was born in a convent just outside Naples in Italy and raised by Italian Americans in the Bronx, New York. We are LGBTQIA+/leather/poly.

We’ve one fabulous character still living at home with us, my youngest offspring Ash (23), non-binary, and their dog Amos, a Romanian rescue. I have a Dutch Warmblood Palomino (horse) named Camaika. We usually have 2 or 3 dogs and at least 1 cat, but it’s been a sad couple of years for losing elder four legged friends.

I’ve also 2 further grown children, 2 stepdaughters and 1 adopted son. Not to mention 6 grandkids and a great granddaughter! I love them all dearly.

We love to travel yet equally love to stay in our wonderful home, where you will always find visitors, family and friends galore. Rachel and I love the Welsh and Devon/Cornwall coastlines, walking, arts and theatre. Lu and I love sun, sea and sand, travel to new shores and social life. The three of us do occasionally manage to find a compromise in holidays we can all enjoy together though!

Rachel’s a writer, of several published books (www.leatherdyke.co.uk). Lu works full time as a private contractor. We three also spend time sitting around the fireside in our garden with friends, where we built a ‘circle’ complete with fire-pit. So, basically total professionals who are secretly ageing hippies. Rachel is the brain of the outfit, Lu is the provider and the fun and I am, as they say themselves, the heart that is the glue, which holds it all together.

I stay up late, the other two are early risers. We treasure our friends and family dearly and yet each enjoy the quiet of our own company too. Our music tastes are as varied as our spiritual beliefs and understandings. Oh and we’re ALL foodies, though we try to make healthier choices and exercise.

I’ve done all kinds of strange things in my time and experienced much. Parachute jump, fire walk, walked on broken glass, arrow break, 10 day silent meditation retreats and have several years studying as a Shamanic practitioner in various circles around the country. I’ve travelled much (and continue to); America (New York, Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Detroit, Florida) as well as Canada, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I’ve ridden horses, been rock climbing, pot holing, abseiling and ridden my treasured motorbikes many miles (currently a Suzuki Bandit 600E).

Still so very much to do and see.

I think that’s more than enough about me. Pleased to ‘meet’ you!

~doffs cap~

DK x

Further Information

Life Calling – Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Coach www.dkgreen.com

  • Counselling (both privately and pro-bono)
  • Life Coaching / self development
  • Sexuality / gender / relationship diversities lifestyles educator & facilitator
  • Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy
  • N.L.P. (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Specialising in fields of; bereavement and loss, personal struggles, personal growth, spirituality, sexuality, sexual trauma, gender, LGBTQIA+. Also anxiety, anger, stress.
  • Familiar, comfortable and experienced in dealing with trans, poly, kink and other sexualities, genders and relationships. If in doubt? Speak to me.

Spirituality – Tarot Reader & Celebrant www.dktarot.co.uk

  • Professional Tarot Reader of 15 years
  • Celebrant (performing pagan/humanistic/mixed faith hand-fastings, name blessings)
  • Shamanic practitioner work
  • Meditation, dreamer, reader, writer, quiet guru
  • Shamanism, Tantra, Buddhism, Paganism; formerly HP of a circle for several years.
  • Also several years of Shamanic Circle training around the country

Other Interests

  • Writer, reader, storyteller. Guitar, Tai Chi, motorbikes. Paint balling, go-karting, body boarding. Life, laughter, love.


  • Leather, polyamorous, sm, D/s, trans, gender-queer, queer, gay/pansexual/omni-sexual – teacher and educator in all of the above

It’s a totally wonderful, crazy life!


9 Responses to Who

  1. Peter Richardson says:

    You are impressive, interesting, enlightened and admirable. I shall read more about you. LederMeister

  2. bootgrrl says:

    Wonderful profile.. though so much more unspoken/unseen aspects which cannot be conveyed in words, around your whole conduct and integrity in life.

  3. LOL oops, but thanks mum! 😀

  4. very true mum! ~edits gladly~ 😀

  5. Joe says:

    Hello I would like to get a tattoo in a taboo place signifying what I am to my partner. Obviously it’s a big thing for me but I’d like to do something

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