>Gender stuff update

>I was a bit gutted to find the wait for the gender clinic in Sheffield is now circa 5 to 6 years… pretty bad.

However my mental health assessment was great, she said (after a pretty long intense interview) that I showed ‘no signs of any mental health issues’ but she did support me as having ‘gender dysphoria’, which as a supposed diagnosis highly amuses me still.

Did you know that dysphoria actually means ‘confusion’? I find it ironic that when people finally go down these paths they’re usually totally sure, and the confusion is usually long over, if there ever was any. ~chuckles softly~ Ah well, wheels in motion, red tape twaddle. At least the doc could now give me T if I ever chose to go down that route. Wyves and I have discussed going private for the counselling thing… still thinking on that. We can’t really afford it. But 5 years? Sheesh… ~kicks dirt~

Now then, what else. Oh yes, I owe this journal sooo much writing. I need to write about Vipassana, the changes I’ve made since, the things that have transpired and goodness.. the closet cleaning I’ve been doing. Metaphorical, rather than literal… though I really must spend this winter putting this house in order too, as it happens.

Meanwhile, it’s 2.14am and I should be resting, since I spent the night in A&E with a blocked or infected tear duct (they’ll figure it out tomorrow apparently, meanwhile I continue going ow and poking my eye).

Night all
~doffs cap~


About DK Green (aka DKLeather)

- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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