>Mum’s visit with us


Well it’s been a couple of days again, deary me. Was far too (good) busy with mum and stuff, and (not so good) resting since after a very busy, sometimes difficult month.

However let’s go back and have some real smiles from mummy’s long weekend visit. Warning, this post will likely be *very* picture heavy!

First thing of note/amusement was that she left Ireland (normally so green because it’s so soggy) in sunshine and arrived at Birmingham airport (1 1/2 hours south of me) in torrential rain! So, grey and bucketing down rainstorms were our company home… we didn’t mind, we gossiped and caught up all the way home.

I’m going to go for highlights since otherwise you’ll be reading for hours… so have some photos with appropriate back story.

This was mum first thing Saturday morning. I twitpic’d it with the byline ‘I haz a mum but I haz deaded it!’ I think we wore her out a bit. Note; that’s my bed, and my nightshirt too!!

Saturday mum wanted to go visit a friend, so off we went in the car to visit Ann Elliott, an old good friend from her workdays at the bank. They had enormous fun remeniscing and perusing some photographs of mutual friends. I enjoyed myself fussing the lovely dog Chloe and just watching mum smile and laugh heaps.

This was a lovely shot just begging to be taken of Lina (my youngest) with two of our dogs, the little ones Jack (Luisa’s dog) and Tricksy (Rachel’s).

After visiting with friends over Matlock way, we headed out Mansfield way to meet up with Tony (my son), Kirsty (my eldest) and her fiancee Kerry, and Kerry’s daughter Kyle. Mum wasted no time making Kerry feel at home with our wonderfully mad family, as you can see here!

This shot is a favourite of mine, I think I’ll get it printed and framed as it’s a bit special; me, my mum and my kids all together. Makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside.
Oh and I didn’t say where we were! We went to the Watermill in Mansfield, a super Toby Carvery where we all ate far too much wonderful food, including desserts! Here’s a dark but fun group shot taken outside, left to right; Kyle, Luisa, Amy, Aimee, Kirsty, Rachel, Kerry, Tony, mum, Lina and me!
The next day we had intended to go for a lovely walk in Clumber Park, but sadly the weather, s Luisa’s silver dollar pancakes (and Arsenal playing!) worked against us. However we did all meet up again at the Clumber Park Hotel, where Kirsty and Kerry are getting married in May 2011. How exciting! It was lovely to be able to show mum the venue. Suffice to say we had coffees and biscuits in the hotel brasserie (the ‘other’ end to the fancy wedding bit)… and much hilarity ensued including mum briefly wearing Aimee’s funny orange mohican hat! Doesn’t she look such fun.

Here’s a shot of us all around the table, gosh what a raggety tag bunch we look! Left to right; Aimee, Kyle, Kirsty, Kerry, Rachel (& amazing hat!), Luisa, Tony, mum and Lina.

We all clambered into Sue’s borrowed 7 seater car and this was the sight I was greeted with when I tried to take a picture of the squish and fun with seatbelts!! I love my mum… heh. Insanity’s hereditary you know 😉

This was (once again) the resultant collapsed mum, exhausted from our fun, sometimes astonishing group noise and always downright silliness. Happily ensconced beneath my blanket of course, which Amy soft made for me, isn’t it brilliant?

(Note: the more leather oriented amongst you may recognise the black, red and green hankies that form the colour scheme and main part of the blanket!)
Finally Monday came and sadly the early morning trip to Birmingham airport where I had to sadly wave bye bye to mum again. Here’s hoping it’s not quite so long ’til we see her again! Thanks for coming mum, the kids were thrilled as was I. Looking forward to a Summer visit with some pretty walks and maybe a little less food? ~laughs~

Another thing worthy of note this weekend was Lina’s new hair. She grew up without me noticing almost… short and funky, not unlike her big sister Kirsty’s except that Lina is very definitely her own individual!!
Finally and perhaps just a little out of place, but where else would I place her. Last but most definitely not least, this is Rochelle, who’s birthday today was noted and marked with both happy and sad memories. This lady was a dear friend of my own family, becoming a firm favourite of all. Smiling, stubborn, excited to explore new things, Jewish, a smashing cook and loyal and loving to a fault, she could argue or fight her way into and out of a paper bag and do it all whilst still smiling! Devoted to her own daughters and to her husband Richard (I had the honour of handfasting them) until she was taken from us by major illness some time ago now. Richard remains a firm family friend/member and though of course he will always miss her sorely, he has found love again. Below is a picture of Rochelle with her little dog Snoopy. Happy Birthday lady xxx


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