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Time for a quick catch up. The other evening Luisa and I visited with Lee, who’s been particularly poorly lately and unable to get out much driving as a result. We’d missed her so decided to pay a visit. We had a great evening, really caught up again, put the world to rights (nuff said) and laughed a lot. Smashing to be properly in touch again, thanks Lee.

Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon/evening of company. Hugh, Lelani and Lelani’s brother Mark came down, entertained themselves whilst I sorted out some paperwork for Mandy (my step daughters Katie & Liane‘s mum) who needed an updated CV and a complaints letter, then joined us for dinner. Here you can see Hugh taking my picture as I took his ~grin~ …Mark smiling on the sofa, Lelani on the Guitar Hero (gods she’s good!) and Sophie giving a peace sign, very cool. The crutches are for Lelani, who walked down from their house at the top of the road, despite having done herself a minor leg injury the other evening. Luisa took her to hospital that night as they’re car-less at present.
Below is Mike, busy and engrossed on Rachel‘s netbook, which he’s allowed to commandeer whilst here. Bless him, I think he’s bored silly! Wish my son Tony (who has a new WEBSITE and blog of his own, by the way!) was able to make it for pancake day, at least he’d have some younger male company; ah well, enough chaos as it is to look forward to. Kirsty, Kerry & Kyle are coming of course, they wouldn’t miss out on my pancakes! My father taught me to make them many years ago now. I’ve never forgotten that.

Right, now for a dose of EW… see this picture below? Frozen in with the broccoli (at least we know it’s fresh, said Luisa?!) was a real snail! Ugh ~shudder~ Needless to say it’s going back to the manufacturers with a strongly worded missive. How astonishing eh? Not that long ago I found a caterpillar in my salad too… should I be worried?!

Below is a really lovely photo, which step daughter Katie totally disagrees with naturally, of Katie with baby Bethany bump who’s due in five weeks! ~bounce~ My first grand-daughter, I already have lovely grandsons. I think she looks super, she was very tolerant to let me take this. So thanks Katie! 😀
Here’s a picture that was sent to me by Mandy, who took Connor up to see Abigail (Liane and Katie’s sister), Jono and baby Declan. Speaking of lovely grandsons, isn’t this a great shot of Connor, proud and holding the baby? Bless.
Well it cannot have escaped anyone’s notice but today was Valentine’s day. Lupercalia as we tend to think of it. I thought I’d share the story of why it holds a particularly special memory for us here.
On that day some years ago now, Rachel and I, having decided that our ‘couple’ had truly become a ‘triple’ went down on bended knee and reduced Luisa to tears with our joint proposal to wed. We were very happily handfasted (pagan wed) that midsummer, Luisa wore a beautiful white dress and we have never looked back. Eleven years we three have been together, that’s pretty good I reckon and shows the strength of our love and devotion for one another. Many things have changed over the years but here we still are, willingly together. Altogether now, awww bless!
A dear friend of ours, Tracie, gifted us with a painting of that day. Her website is HERE and the painting is HERE. Warning, some of the site is singularly adult, but all of it is beautiful. We have several of her pieces in our home!
Here’s a shot of our pile of goodies. Typical huge gaudy cards from Luisa, naturally LOL and then a pair from Rachel to us both; a beautiful painting of an actual heart, but cut in two to show it’s divided between the both of us. How typically fantastically Rachel that was! We love it, naturally. Mine was an online piece of my own kind of artwork; photo shopped, posted everywhere early today.
A good friend from online – a writer friend of Rachel’s really but I know him too – wrote and sent the three of us a most amazing poem, which she printed out for us on the Alice card. I post it here; by Donnickcottage.
~ * ~
We’re miles apart in many ways and still you’ve pierced my heart
you’re just that irresistible, a precious work of art
Your groans and giggles, laughs aloud, your winks and knowing grin
have made me feel a part of you and warmed me from within
And though I love your Harold as you love my Bragi too
my feeling isn’t fictional, my love’s reserved for you
A blessing’s been bestowed upon this old and cranky coot
the gift of your sweet music, touched by Kokopelli’s flute
Luisa I’ve a wish for you, a never ending steak
may your dish be always rare and may your dear heart never break
And DK may you find the perfect life that you have dreamed
a master of your studies, and your struggles all redeemed
To the wyves of my lass Rachel I extend this tiny charm
that you always love each other, and you always keep her warm
To all the wyves of leather I extend this tiny charm
as I sing to all the spirits now to keep you all from harm
Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies
~ * ~
Wasn’t that just soooo sweet of him? As if to reflect on that, this picture (which was a sod to take!) leapt out at me to be taken after dinner this evening. I glanced down and thought to myself… this, right here, encapsulates our marriage and our life. Through thick and thin and all these years, we still hold hands.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day and indeed that you’re all able to enjoy an equally super Pancake day tomorrow.
Goodnight all
~doffs cap~

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- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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