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What a super day today was, I’ve SO much to catch up on that I warn you this may be a long one!
Oh before I begin, my oldest friend (from school days) Lexi, who’s struggled lifelong with depression, is online at last and has herself a blog. If you’re interested in following her she’s HERE (also listed in my sidebar)
A few pictures with back story then. Here is Mark, Lelani’s brother. He’s spending a bit of time with us lately and I’m really getting to know and like him. He’s a gentle giant and would do anything for anyone. I like this shot of him, taken when he didn’t know I was pointing the camera at him… he looks all dark and moody!

Here’s a pretty shot of Amy soft, taken shortly before she really went down hard with the ghastly cold type thing that wiped Luisa out last week. She’s ever so poorly at the moment bless her. Naturally it’s half term at the schools so she’s a few days off to spend here.
Earlier on today I took the kids into town, meeting Aimee in there too for a few errands and coffee. When I say kids, Mike’s actually 15 now (we really have known them since they were children though as we knew Mike aged 5!) but you know what I mean. Lina and Sophie have of course been friends since they were very small; inseparable always, it’s always a pleasure to see them share time together. We spotted this rather splendid carousel and I spotted a photo opportunity. Mike and Sophie were happy to vogue or in this case dance for the camera. Lina just stood looking on highly bemused!

To show you just how much they’ve all grown, here’s a picture from June 2000, a day out to a petting zoo; that’s Mike in the middle, tiny!

I wanted to share a quick tale from our journey back home then, because it was so lovely/unusual/bizarre!
Waiting for a taxi to arrive, the girls went into the local Samaritans shop to both keep warm and nosey for bargains. Mike and I stood outside watching for the cab, when he had a bit of a giggle and held up a lady’s boot camping it up asking if it suited him. Naturally I camped up and said “oh yes Michaela… definitely you!” However unbeknownst to either of us we were being watched! This wonderful elderly lady came up behind us and made me jump by putting her hand on my arm and chiming in, bless her. “Oh yes Michaela, how lovely, very you!” she said with a grin. Poor Mike went scarlet and we laughed hard!
This lovely lady subsequently proceeded to tell me her life story. Living in Ashgate, she’d had a brain haemorrhage a few years previously. One could tell she’d had something wrong as her speech was a little stilted and her behaviour just a little off kilter. Now I know many would have dismissed her or run away, but I felt really good vibes from her and so listened. She told me sadly how she’d lost two years in hospital afterwards, not even remembering that she had divorced from her husband many years previously. It was obviously hard for her but she had such a glint in her eyes and good humour about it all, I felt like hugging her! I wished afterwards I’d taken her picture; if I see her again, I shall.
Eventually, realising poor Mike was stood there speechless and that the cab would arrive soon (and that if we carried on I’d end up asking her home for dinner bless her!) I made our excuses and bade her farewell. However this elderly lady made quite a deep impression on me, sad for her story yet she had made me smile so much. I wanted to share!
Righty ho back to today. Later this evening we had some really smashing company; a dear friend of ours named Carole (she of the pillar box red hair below!) for several years and her three super daughters (the twins Jen & Rhi & their older sister Gillian) who are all roughly Lina’s age. The girls were SO excited to see one another again as it has been some time since they’d last caught up. So many changes, all growing up so very fast, it was quite daunting to see and listen to these no-longer-children but young women! Again, we’ve known them since they were wee.
Here’s a lovely shot of Carole with Luisa, such super smiles!
Naturally Luisa couldn’t resist a snuggle, whereupon I nabbed this absolutely fabulous shot. ~grin~
Finally – and it really was like herding cats – I managed to get all the kids onto the sofa for a photograph. Naturally there was much hilarity, silly faces pulling and hiding of teenage pretty faces (unanimous “nooo I hate photos”); but I think I managed a couple of fairly good ones. Below, left to right; Jen, Lina, Rhi, Gillian, Mike and Sophie. Mike naturally hating all the attention from the 12/13 year old girls. Carole was gamely trying to get them all a little more ‘uniform’ by shouting ‘rock horns’ which apparently is that double fingers pointing up ‘fist’ type thing they’re doing?!
Same names and faces, but I liked both of these despite the ‘devil eyes’ affect of the flash dagnabbit.
Oh and it wouldn’t be fair if I embarrassed Mike without embarrassing the girls too ~grin~ so here are a couple of photos of them back in 2005, one night when I babysat for Carole. Here’s Gillian looking oh so cute…

…and here are Jen and Rhi, using me as a climbing frame!

That was fun, digging out those old pictures.
All in all a lovely day, oh and Andrea came over to see Carole too so that was good; we were able to pass on her ‘dairy free’ chocolate Valentine’s day treat belatedly, along with Sue and Jo’s.
Right that’s your lot. I’ve been watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, are you? It’s really rather good!
~doffs cap~

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