>Leftover catchups to date…!


We’ve reached Thursday 4th, only a couple of days to go at last… final post to catch up.
To begin with, this is our Ringtons Tea man! It used to be a Ringtons Tea woman, but sadly she got the chop, so now we have our tea chap instead. You can just about make out Aimee‘s motorbike on the road in front of the van. We had the ramp built for our motorbikes, not bad eh?

Thursday is also always market day in town; as you know by now if you’ve been reading long, Rachel and I always venture into town enjoying both the walk and the bric-a-brac. Here’s a good view of our marketplace, the lower part outside Boots…

…and here is a super view from further back (by McDonalds) of the clock tower, market stall covers and lots of joe publics wandering around.
Ooh I nearly forgot, here are two pictures of the ‘other’ two dogs. I usually manage to get my long hair German Shepherd named Bear in here somewhere, but it’s not often I get the two little ones to sit still for pictures for me. So here is Jack, Luisa’s dog, a Fox Terrier/Jack Russell cross we think. He was a rescue dog we were supposed to look after for a couple of weeks (thanks to my baby brother Ben!), but here he is still happy with us after several years! He’s now the oldest dog in the house at 10, since Rachel’s previous dog Holly (a Corgi/Jack Russell cross) passed over aged 20 a few years back. How was that for a grand age! Jack’s very camera shy so I was lucky to get this shot of him creeping on the bed for a cuddle.
Then there’s Trickster, affectionately known as Tricksy, Rachel’s dog. She’s the smallest, the youngest and the noisiest too of course. She bosses the others around, including Bear who has a head bigger than her! Anyway I was thrilled to catch this shot of her poised watching out of the bedroom window, doing her amazing meerkat impression; isn’t it cute?

So, back to the market. Some of the goodies we picked up this week were due to my sudden urge to ‘grow something’. How bizarre! Now my mum and my wyfe Rachel are and always have been the gardeners, not I, my fingers aren’t so much green as deadly to all things floral! So I settled upon things to eat, figuring if I murdered the poor beleaguered seeds there’d be nothing much lost bar perhaps a couple of salads. So I purchased a lettuce pack from the pound shop and three packets of seeds for a pound off the market; mung beans (beansprouts), alfalfa and something else similar that I can’t remember the name of right now. I look forward to showing you the results; even if they’re dire!
Fostering my sudden urge to ‘grow stuff’ Rachel bought a few plants for me to tend on the windowsill; I’m hoping my past record of floral things is over of course! She knows my love of miniature flowers too so I have two kinds of miniature Iris and a Narcissus (teeny daffodil). I espied the plant pot on the market and had to have it; it was so funny!
So far so good, look at how much flowery stuff has sprouted since Thursday! 😀

Lina saw me taking pictures and pounced at the window to make me jump; I made her ‘freeze’ in that position so I could take a picture as suitable punishment! Isn’t it super?

Thursday continued with my usual weekly trip to college; except Luisa was working elsewhere so I had no car and got a lift from one of my classmates Karen, a lovely young lady. Thankfully this left my hands free for a change to take a shot of this beautiful sunset. One from behind in the rear view mirror…

…and another from the side window.

So then Friday came and it was time to go see Alice in Wonderland. Rachel and I walked to the cinema and back; here are a couple of shots I took en route. Barbed wire, I find it fascinating.

Here is an area behind that barbed wire, builders are absolutely levelling it for a new housing estate. In the distance on the horizon is the Chesterfield Spire, about a third from the left.

Finally some late night television… Cabaret. Lisa Minelli; wasn’t she just superb? Couldn’t resist trying to capture her visually and was pleasantly surprised that I succeeded!

So finally we reach today. Off out with the larks to Sheffield we took part in a photo shoot organised by the FtM crowd for a smashing woman named Jane Wrin, who’s putting on a photographic show in London. That was fun ~chuckle~
But for the BEST bit of fun to finish off with, to catch up to today, here’s Luisa and Lina on the Wii playing on the Dance game… enjoy!
~doffs cap~

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