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Goodness, haven’t I been utterly useless? Can’t believe it’s been a fortnight again. At this rate I’ll be blogging monthly, pathetic! Ah well, onwards and upwards.
Today was a ‘be kind to myself’ day. I’ve had a stubborn sore throat – really quite icky, went onto my chest briefly but thankfully got rid of that bit – for a week and I can’t seem to shift it, so I stayed in bed as long as humanly possible, having been running around like a bit of a lunatic lately. I was thoroughly spoilt too; Rachel brought me a scrambled egg wrap and a cup of Ainsley’s French Onion soup! Laptop, duvet… ~sighs wistfully~ it was wonderful.
Funnily though I did seem to have a constant stream of visitors! My lovely littlest Lina kept me company, chatting away, fetching me things and eventually bringing pencil and paper pad so that between us we could plot and plan my den!*
Doesn’t she look beautiful? New hair too, cut and darkened again as she likes it! Point of interest, that nude on the wall? That was me many years ago, life modelling; the picture was by local and quite well known artist David Charlesworth. He enjoyed drawing me apparently so gave it to me as a gift! Odd the stories we forget.
Lee also dropped by and brought me a coffee up too! Lina was highly amused by our impromptu ‘party on the bed’. Here she is laughing at me taking pictures. Not a great shot because of the sun behind her but you can still see the smile 😀

Rachel soon arrived back from her foray to the market (she’d popped in without me to give me the chance to rest) and showed us her haul at the end of the bed; including a super stained glass mini round window for my soon-to-be-den!
*OK I guess I’d better fill you all in on this whole ‘den’ business. It’s pretty simple really so shouldn’t take long, but I really cannot really justify or express just how important this has become to me.
All my life I’ve either had kids or partners or both, leading to this sorry state of affairs; I have never, ever had a room of my own, a door to shut for privacy or time out when I needed it. Not since I was a child at home and that doesn’t count since ones parents own that one! SO – having brooded on this for quite some months now (I’m blaming my being 42, we go on phases of 7 years apparently) and having succeeded in getting my motorbike and thoroughly indulging and enjoying the rest of my mid life crisis – I’ve decided and decreed that I WANT one! Luckily for me I have a very indulgent pair of wyves who love me dearly and who’ve agreed. Thankfully also the whole family are getting excited about doing this for me, so I can see it becoming a really fun and somewhat massive Summer project that everyone gets involved in. I foresee building with BBQ parties!
After much talking and planning between us we’ve decided that for winter as well as summer use it needs to be way more than just a shed, so we’re going for a basic concrete garage (they’re built fairly simply in segments, Aimee‘s clever idea) as the most inexpensive and sturdy option, thanks to ebay. A lick of paint, cladding/lagging, some of Rachel’s artistic magic and a bit of electricity will fix up the rest. Drapes, a big old armchair, books… et voilà; Virginia Woolf eat your heart out, I SHALL have a ‘room of one’s own’ in which to write, paint, play guitar, work or dream in as I see fit. Huzzah!
I’m currently bidding on this little beauty and praying nobody pushes it out of my price range. OK I know she doesn’t look like very much at the moment, but with big patio doors at the other end in place of the wooden double doors, windows to the side, paint and a lot of love (plus it does have a brand new roof!) it will do to start with. We’re tearing down our old big shed at the bottom of the garden; this one measures 17ft by 8ft and will fit there despite being quite a bit bigger than the shed, we did check to be sure!

Oh and I also splurged on a new pair of boots today; something else I’d been brooding on. I’ve wanted something a little more stompy than my usual dress or stylish boots, these seemed to fit the bill very much indeed.

Still… finally I had to very begrudgingly relinquished my self imposed palace exile for the day and pootle off to college as it was our first class back after the Easter holidays. I did so well I was allowed off early, well done me, (seriously, the trio work was one person too many, so I was excused since I least need the practice!) which meant I got back home just in time to watch a CSI in the living room with everyone over home made beef fried rice… ah perfect timing.
Ooh, just one more thing to add today. I walked deliberately back home through the park the other day in order to find Lalla Lee, she of the beautiful painting on the bridge, the charming little statue who was the unknowing model for the girl on the bridge painting with all the roses. Remember the really lovely story HERE about it from my previous entry? Well here she is, safe and sound restored to glory in the summer glasshouse on Queen’s Park.

Right, now it really is time to take the sleeping Luisa up to beddy byes. You know what? I may be behind on numerous blog entries since I’ve been so very busy, but life’s being pretty good to me right now, all things considered.
~doffs cap~
Goodnight all
DK x

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- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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