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Warning, this turned into a LONG post with LOTS of photos!
Well it’s officially been 9 days since I last posted. Crap R me. However I have had a pretty good excuse for a change, I’ve been poorly. Sore throat crept up into my ears and down into my chest, rotten thing hasn’t gone away yet, though it’s finally slowing down (I hope/think) with the liberal application of steroidal inhaler and tablets. Why are these things always so much worse at night; that’s what I want to know. Do the little germs and bugs look at their teeny weeny watches and gleefully howl ‘whoo hoo party time’ as they ransack my bodily systems?

Ah well, onwards and upwards.

This week was hard, I lost a friend. Rachel Ward was a friend I met when I began attending college a couple of years ago. We had much in common and to talk about so would go for lunch in Chesterfield. One time she came up to the house to eat and meet everyone, Lina remembers her.
Sadly it was post surgical complications, a severe heart attack. Her service was on Monday and was frankly heartbreaking. Her father, an elderly, wonderful man, spoke through choked tears of two people; his beloved son and his new found special daughter. Her children spoke. Her sister, her brother… all spoke so highly, lovingly and supportively that every soul there was moved to tears several times. I was proud of every one of them, proud for Rachel. I think she would have been very touched and pleased. Her sister wrote a piece for her that she read out; the words ‘our butterfly girl’ will always remain with me. Here she is, she was 53 when she passed on.

Here’s a shot of me all spiffed up for the service. I thought Rachel would have been rather pleased, I looked jolly dapper.

Enough of maudlin postings, on we go.

Today I had a really lovely day with a visit from my old friend Lexi. We met over 30 years ago now and have been friends on and off ever since! She suffers dreadfully from agoraphobia so to come to Chesterfield to see me was a huge step for her and she was rightly proud of herself. We chatted, caught up on life in general and laughed over all sorts of silliness.

I had a bit of a play with my camera and took some photographs to show her off here. We’d talked of sorting out some new icons for her, recent pictures for her to show her children. These are just a taster, soon we’re going to have a proper afternoon where I’ll take some more interesting shots for her! Hasn’t her hair grown beautifully?

One thing I’ve always loved are her eyes. Just managed to get this close up that shows the thing that tickles me; her eyes are *all* the colours, brown, grey, blue, green… it’s all in there along with fabby eyelashes.
This one I played with a little because I loved the soft effect of her hair framing her face. Hope you like’em Lexi!

Finally she had brought with her a gift to make me smile. Lately she’s taken to calling me ‘diamond geezer’ which cracks me up and she’d bought me some diamonte DK keyrings, aren’t they ace?

After Lexi had gone home I went out into the garden to join the workers. Preparations are really getting underway for my new ‘den’ being built. We’re collecting the shell (a concrete garage) on Saturday from Newark but meanwhile there is lots of work to do. This is the shell as it stands right now, before disassembling and bringing home!
This is the space where my den is going to live. The old green shed there has to go, it’s actually pretty big but the whole concrete space you see in front of and to the side of it is where my den is going; it’s 16.5′ long by 9′ wide!
The raised beds at the bottom were going to be in the way so here are Rachel and Aimee busily knocking down and digging out in readiness.
As I walked back up to the house I took many pictures of the garden, here are just a few glimpses of our favourite place. Firstly my very handsome German Shepherd dog named Bear. Isn’t he stunning? A proper dufus bless him; he’s not the brightest of the bunch, but utterly adorable and I love him very much.
This is my eucalyptus tree or as my mum’s mum, my gran used to call it a ‘money tree’ because the leaves are like coins on the young tree. Since we planted this one from it’s gigantic pot into the garden it’s flourished, leaping up in height until it’s the tallest in our garden now!
White honesty, glorious.
Pear blossom, we’re hoping for another fine crop of Conference Pears from her this year!
Purple honesty, equally lovely.
Most things in our garden have a story behind them, this one is no different. On a trip to the sea one time we were all walking right out across sands as the tide was far out in the distance. I spotted this and wanted it for the garden, deeply embedded in the wet sands and very, very heavy. The others took turns in carrying it, carried it together and eventually Rachel ‘rolled’ it up the beach. It was lovingly hauled for miles before it wound up happily in our garden, yet another item we’ve no clue what it is!
A view down the right hand side of the garden from the steps, showing one of our many gargoyles and the pyramid, another object we have no idea what it is! Found on one of our woodland walks, various ideas have been proffered over the years such as part of a railway post. Wooden with a metal pointed tip and ‘cross’ beams. Any ideas? Bear’s laying down watching me too.
This is Rachel’s little dog, an oddity she picked up in Wilko one time. It has a spring for the neck and another for the tail so it ‘boings’ when you jiggle it. She does like her oddities does our Rachel!
This flora (what is this one Rachel?) lives around the old lantern tree, not really a tree but a selection of old branches Rachel sculpted together to form an artistic impression of a tree; which of course we hang lanterns on (the clue’s in the name). Isn’t the sunlight on it beautiful? I thought so.
The little blue house was Lina’s playhouse. Obviously she long outgrew it but we like it so it’s still there, currently housing the garden furniture like fold up chairs! The Victoria plum tree hangs over it.
Here we have the ‘smoking area’, although nowadays only Aimee smokes! Rachel built this when Luisa and I were still cigar smokers so that we could remain outdoors to enjoy them, keeping the house free from smoke. Decorated with rainbow ornaments, mile-a-minute, chimes and see through roofing so the sun can stream through, built with pallets and branches from the woods… we love it.
Here our chiminea, my birthday present one year from mum and Jim that we still use regularly. Also another of Rachel’s fripperies, the pink flamingo! Note the vitally important object behind the bush… Luisa’s BBQ!
Another Rachel’ism, an old stone sink filled with bright flora. Note the dog drinking bowl beside it!
Righty ho, that’s MORE than enough for one day. I need to learn to write shorter posts then I might be inclined to post more often! Off to bed for me.
Goodnight all
~doffs cap~

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- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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