>Wednesday wobbles


Well today has certainly been a mixed bag. Ooh aren’t I doing well, two entries in two days? Wonders will never cease!
Firstly I’m poorly again and will be ringing the docs to say ‘oi please sort out my silly chest again’ as it’s a ruddy mess from this three week old infection. Naturally feeling so poo I didn’t go anywhere or do a great deal, which was just as well. This was my dailybooth picture today, looking decidedly pale and sorry for myself I thought!

Lina missed a dental appointment today, which I had to call up and rearrange. Why? I hear you ask. She had a detention. She’s usually so good at school that I must admit this came as a bit of a shock. She’s the class clever clogs, outgoing, certainly her grades reflect both how hard she works and how well behaved as far as school work goes. This was a first for her and very probably will be her last; she’s completely crushed. Grounded of course, for the offence causing the detention, not the detention itself.
She’s been bullied a fair bit at school, I’ve another meeting with the Head Teacher about that on Friday. Apparently she’d let it get to her too much, was angry at a teacher and… wait for it… no violence or temper, nothing so crude for her. Her creativity came to the fore and she wrote a – somewhat less than complimentary – poem about the teacher! Naturally she was caught red handed, she’s rubbish at being naughty ~laughs~ so she was given a detention “while we figure out what to do about this”!
Ugh. Upset or not, she did manage to come down and join us for dinner, even smiling some at our gentle teasing trying to lift her spirits. Yes it was dumb, she knew that instantly. Grounded is sufficient for now; and that means no computers too for the moment so she’s not online by the way.
Here’s a good example of her creativity. I went out for a brief while and when I got home there she was in all her smashing glory, having an ‘Alice Tea Party’ and posing delightfully for my return. She’s mad as a hatter and quite wonderful, silly sausage.

Our dinner this evening was a rather super take away; Chinese for myself, Luisa and Aimee and Indian (her favourite) for Rachel. Courtesy of Aimee who’s worked really hard lately, bless, and to celebrate the fact that she got a raise at work too today, so hurrah for her! Here is a shot of her on the swing bench with Kerry (Kirsty’s fiancee). Aimee’s on the left in white for anyone who didn’t know!

Poor Rachel’s poorly too, finally succumbed to the lurgy that’s had me in it’s grip, full of snuffly misery feeling. Hopefully she’ll shed it faster than I have. This is a picture of her I liked from a previous Thursday market trip in town recently. Yes, Costa also do a pretty good de-caff coffee for me!
Despite that both she and Aimee spent another couple of hours on the preparation for my den today, taking back the two raised beds far enough that they can now be rebuilt half the width and they’ll not overlap the den itself. As you can hopefully see here!

As for Luisa, she had the biggest news of the day. Suffice to say (as I mentioned in an earlier post about my feelings on the matter) she is thrilled to pieces having finally got the approval she was seeking for the bariatric surgery (weightloss, stomach band). She’s fought her weight all her life and it’s now health threatening, as well as naturally soul destroying for her. It really is fantastic news, we were going to fund it ourselves but now we don’t have to. Touch wood for her, eh? I’m going to be a bit scared silly until she’s safe and happy. Here’s a fun shot I took of her in the car, she was driving folks, don’t worry!

Walking up the garden path today I spotted this, lovingly placed there by Rachel, beside the stone circle. What a beautiful coloured poppy.

Whilst sat at the dinner table the sun set leaving a lovely pink glow across the sky, captured here through the window.

That’s all folks, I’m jiggered and taking my poorly body to bed for some restorative. What? Hey, this is early for me! 😉
Goodnight all
~doffs cap~

About DK Green (aka DKLeather)

- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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