>Saturday partial catchup


I have SO much to catch up on that I’ve no chance, so I’ll just note a few things from the last few days. Mostly we’ve all been working on the garden, or more precisely my ‘den’, which is coming on in leaps and bounds. You know what they say about all the work being in the foundations? By jove are they right. Still, that’s for a future post. Meanwhile…
Thursday as has become somewhat of a tradition for Rachel and I, we walked into town for the market. We love the walk in together as much as the pottering around the Chesterfield Market. Here’s a view of the lake on Queen’s Park, I love the reflections as it was so still.

Here’s Puffing Billy, the little kids ride the train with their parents and grandparents on the park, it’s a lovely reminder that people are beginning to enjoy the Summer weather (despite the fact it’s not very warm yet, we’ve had plenty of sunshine lately).

Friday, after our new shed arrived (photos to come in the aforementioned further entry about the garden’s summer projects) I took Tom boy to her home town of Nottingham for an appointment with her eye doctor; she’s having some fancy lens treatment whereby you sleep in hard lenses that actually change the surface shape of the eye while you sleep, so that when you remove them in the mornings, you can SEE without contact lenses or glasses! Obviously I’ve simplified the process here greately, but wow, amazing new technologies.
Naturally in the city I look out for the graffiti, I really do appreciate well drawn urban art so here are a couple of pictures. Feel free to click on them to enlarge, they really are quite spectacular. I love it. Banksy rocks my socks for the record.

Here’s another, complete with the obligatory Robin Hood impression naturally!
Couldn’t resist this shot, what an odd thing to see in a shop window. Super if somewhat bizarre!
Always a sucker for rooftops and architecture, these lines caught my eye as Tom and I walked down into the town centre.

We were delighted to find a medieval market in the square too, filled with vendors plying their wares whilst dressed in fabulous outfits! Lots of coveting of ethnic type crafts such as carved wood, pottery, clothing etc. Of course the Town Hall towers over the market square looking magnificent in the ominous clouds, which thankfully held off for both us and the vendors.

Here’s the amazing pottery… just look at that old wheel, I would love one of those so very much. I’ve had a hankering to do pottery in my new den (amongst many things) when it’s sorted, this just made me want to do so more.

Tom looking wryly amused at my talking pictures as we walked along, humouring me 😉
I rather like this picture, we had a Subway each (hers bread, mine a wrap) as we were so hungry after walking around all afternoon. It was her first ever apparently!
A snap of old amidst new, the direct contrast never fails to inspire me.

So finally we get around to today. Mostly today was about (you guessed it) digging, cementing/concreting and fencing. Everyone worked SO hard, we hired Phil (our house handyman) to come help with the concreting but Rachel, Luisa, Tom and Amy all really worked their behinds off to get the jobs done today.
However I was also thoroughly blessed with a visit from my daughters and grandkids. Below, they arrived with a very fast asleep Bethany, my beautiful granddaughter not even two months old! Loving the teddy bear outfit too.

Here we have (left to right); my stepdaughters’ actual mum Mandy, my younger stepdaughter Katie’s son Corey, Katie with Bethany and my eldest stepdaughter Liane’s son Connor on the end!

Here’s a shot of Mandy with Bethany watching television. Mandy was my ex-husband’s first wife, I was his second. He’s onto his third now…
Finally here is Liane with Bethany, aren’t they just beautiful?

Kirsty visited today too, despite having a poorly sprained ankle! Of course Lina was home too, but I seem to have managed not to take any pictures of either of them today! Ah well, next time.
Although I’m holding back photos from the den building and garden redoing, I just had to share these two. Firstly one wonders why Rachel has stopped to look at Jack.

This is why, he sits just like a little old man bless him!
Right that’s almost all for today as I’m up at 7am to drive down south for a fascinating day long workshop; Shamanic Glass. I’m taking Sue with me and we’re both really happy and excited about it! Here she is with her daughter Jo as they popped over for a coffee and a chat this evening. It’s so lovely to sit outside in the sunshine on summer evenings, isn’t it?

Goodnight folks, hope you’re all having a good life.
~doffs cap~

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- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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