>How to get myself KICK STARTED blogging again…

>I have an idea, sparked off really by several people who are doing various ‘memes’ at the moment. It is this. I’ll create my own… ish. ~chuckles~ Yeah I know, not exactly brain surgery eh? However this is where YOU all come in. In order for me to start blogging again I’m going to set myself a 30 day challenge… or maybe more, depending how many of you actually DO this crazy thing.

So your starter for ten is as follows:

Ask me a question… go on, you know you want to! Any topic, subject, curiousity, knowledge seeking etc that you think I know the answer to. If I don’t, I’ll say so, or find out. But preferably you’ll all want to know something, maybe about me, or those around me, or my life etc so I should know hopefully. lol.

This list will grow daily as anyone leaves a question it’ll be added to the bottom of the list and I’ll get to it. Ready? GO!

NB any adult questions will not be answered here but will be automatically taken to my adult blog (email invite only, so you’ll have to ask for it).

1. Tell me about three of you most precious possessions? (LJ reader [info]aellia)
2. What drew you to psychotherapy?
(LJ reader [info]smwright)
3. What bikes would you put in your dream garage? (LJ reader [info]lisor)
4. Three books you’d recommend to a beginner (any or all blogs) (LJ reader [info]leatherdykeuk)
5. What four people from past would you invite to dinner and why? (LJ reader [info]celticwitch_0)
6. Pick an event that happened when you were a child that includes you parents, and tell me about it in at least a paragraph. (LJ reader [info]donnickcottage)
7. What would you consider to be the five most important events in your life? By important, I mean the ones that shaped you into who you are today. (LJ reader [info]ayoub)
8. if you could send a tweet to your 16 year old self what would it say? (LJ reader [info]bloodbeauty)
9. ? (keep those questions coming!)

About DK Green (aka DKLeather)

- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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