>My Question a Day Meme: Day 4

>4. Three books you’d recommend to a beginner by LJ reader leatherdykeuk

Brilliant question… naturally wyfe! I’m not going to do the obvious and post three of yours, that would be cheating 😉 However…

1. HAS to be An Ungodly Child by Rachel Green. Yeah yeah, cheap shot I know, nepotism and advertising LOL but well, a) Rachel would be justifiably sad if I didn’t put one of her books in and b) frankly, I think it’s bloody brilliant. Intelligently witty, things that really shouldn’t work together in a modern urban fantasy novel really, truly do. I LOVED it and can’t wait for the next one in the Harold and Jasfoup series to be published!

OK thinking about books that had the most impact on me other than the wyfe’s then.

2. This one’s a bit odd… but I’ve never forgotten the affect it had on me. I read voraciously very young, so this was one I read probably younger than most. I mean ‘young’. However I loved it. I’m not under-selling that, I truly, deeply loved it. I’ve read it several times in my life, each time finding something I missed, and loving it just as much again. The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams. Yes, the Watership Down guy… but believe me, Plague Dogs was different. Ever read ‘Of Mice and Men’? It’s a similar story, but from a dogs point of view. Two dogs escape from an animal experiment centre together. Nuff spoilers, just read it. Maybe I’m just an old sap still, or it could just be that I was easily pleased as a child and kept the fondness for it of course. Ah well, here tis.

That leaves me with just one… gosh, so many to choose from. Classics. Fantastic oddities. Weirdly clever. Ugh… choices choices.

3. OK, I guess it has to be The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I know, I know, I could have said ‘Lord of the Rings’ but that’s kind of cheating since it’s three books (unless you count Hobbit and Simarilian too of course…). So The Hobbit it is, again another I read very young and found myself in an incredible world of wonder, food and escapism for a young mind. I guess these two books are responsible for my lifelong love of books and reading so they really had to be the ones.

I hope that answers your question Rachel, and hope it was ok to cheat with No.1!

Love you xxx


About DK Green (aka DKLeather)

- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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