>Update on LeatherEagle aka Lu ~ Tuesday 30th


Hi again all.
NOTE: just to avoid confusion, Lu is still in Intensive Care. That means she’s in a room on her own with one nurse 24hrs a day solely taking care of her. She’s allowed no germs (obviously) as she has septicaemia and breathing problems, meaning cards (etc) have to come to me at home, so that I can take them all to her just as soon as she’s allowed. I write each day to let those who love her know about improvements and setbacks, but please do remember she is still very poorly or she wouldn’t be in an Intensive Care Unit.
Lu did well today, a good day! *Whoop!* Much the same really, she gets a little stronger each day, some good days and some bad, today made up for yesterday though, much better all around.
She managed the ‘high flow’ mask for most hours, not the hood! Her breathing’s definitely improving, though the chest infection is still a challenge.
She also managed quite a few snippets of conversation, the doctor was most pleased with that as were we! Naturally she zonks straight off to sleep again after a few minutes chatting as it exhausts her, as well as every time she gets painkillers.
Her wounds are beginning to be a particularly troublesome problem, with the sepsis meaning they’re just not healing or closing. Today they were seen by the surgeon, staples removed, wound allowed to open, then dressed with some super-fabby dressing which apparently aids healing and a bizarre piece of vacuum suction kit which basically slurps away all nasty ickiness from beneath the dressing/seal. Extraordinary! Some of the technology which has helped Lu these past two weeks really has been awesome (and I hate that word). However naturally that means she’s been in more pain today, but even she said it’s all right to have pain when you know what it is and it’s for a good reason.
The septicaemia is still a problem of course and mostly why she’ll take some time to get well again, but it was a ‘downwards’ day for both her temperature and white cells so once again she’s fighting it off, yay! The ‘plan B’ antibiotics (even more mega stonking ones) seem to be doing the job, if slowly.
Her swelling (oedema) has gone RIGHT down and you can actually play with her skin again! ~laughs~ I know, that sounds awful, but believe me, after seeing her blown up like a balloon it’s an utterly beautiful thing! She was smiling at that. She’s lost quite a bit of weight of course already, I can really tell now looking at her.
It’s looking more likely that she won’t be home for Christmas, which majorly sucks. Still, at least she’s in the best place, getting the very best care.
Naturally Lu’s feeling pretty down generally about being stuck in a hospital room with nothing to do but TV, sleep etc for an unknown length of time, not to mention feeling so rotten, poor thing. I took in her ‘orange ball’ today (some of you may remember it from a certain week long period some time ago!) and she smiled fit to burst having something to play with in her hands.
OH also she’s sipping water again freely now, so that’s a very happy thing! Mentally/emotionally I think she’s back up and ready for the fight now, which is fantastic.
OOH, Lu made a VERY special request! She would like everyone to send her a PHOTO card, either as a Get Well card or your Christmas card this year (photo of YOU), so she can see and be surrounded by everyone who loves her 🙂 I said I’d sort it… so consider this me sorting it please! Anyone who’d like the address just email me on daddyk67 at gmail dot com (obviously the at is a @ and the dot a . )
That’s about it for tonight… other than I had the most awful journeys to and from the hospital, well, on the way was ok as the roads were reasonably ok, but by the time I came home it was a whole hell of snow. Took me a long time, stuck several times, eventually having to abandon our poor car on a nearby road in Chesterfield. Thankfully it wasn’t too far to walk home… but of course this means that unless there’s some kind of miracle I may not be able to get to see her tomorrow. BOOOO HISSS! Although… I might have a go by train… we’ll see what tomorrow brings!
Love and light to you all, your support – from far and wide including some astonishing places – mean the very world to us both. Lu knows all about it now 🙂
Been singing this for days, for Luisa. I love you Lu xxx
~doffs cap~
DK x

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- 51 year old parent, grandparent & unbelievably great grandparent! - Holistic psychotherapist & counsellor, supervisor, life coach, guide, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, mentor, meditator, motorcycle and horse rider, celebrant and tarot reader. - Happily living a very diverse life filled with family, friends, loves, laughter and so much more. - Polyamorous. Passionate. Trans. Leather.
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