>Lu update, Mon 13th Dec

>Hi all. Been a tiring few days what with one thing and another, however you’re overdue a proper update on Lu.

The good news is that day by day she is getting stronger, better. She’s walking without the aid of a walker, just the drip stand with the medi-vac to lean on, considering she couldn’t stand and hold her own weight 5 or 6 days ago that’s just amazing! She’s even walking to the loo on her own now, not the commode, when only 2 days ago she needed my help and only managed it once a day!

Her breathing is doing really well too, only struggling now with any kind of exertion.

So she has had a couple of really good days to cheer her on thankfully. However a yule homecoming’s looking doubtful again as the VRE is still rife, the antibiotics don’t seem to be doing the job so they’re reviewing that again today. Despite daily proper bed baths by me she’s thoroughly fed up of sweats due to spiked temperature.

This means she’s still in a barrier room of course, though we did manage a couple of very careful – no touch – visits over the weekend to lift her spirits and they did. John and Sandy came all the way from London as she adores them, as well as Aimee and Amy. Hoping to arrange similar super careful visits with Lee, Richard and Suzee soon too. It all helps.

I managed to take a card holder for the wall in so now all her cards are pretty to see instead of in a neat pile out of the way, that made her smile too.

She’s loving the pictures on The digital frame too.. though despite being over 800 of them she’s seen them all several times now! I had a great idea to lift her again though… please ***SEND SHORT VIDEO MESSAGES!*** The frame takes videos as well as pics so I’d love to show her lots of get well recordings! A quick get well soon either on your phone forwarded or pc emailed would be brilliant, please anyone who can? She’d LOVE it!

OK, the other thing that’s not doing so good is the fluid. She still has some in Her pelvic area, which is being a buggers to shift… it gives her enough discomfort she’s continued to need morphine, and unfortunately that means they’re looking at another CT scan today with the possibility of a pelvic drain after all. Buggrit.

Ok that’ll do for today.

On the home front I managed to put up my mad Yule tree with Lina in full silly Santa girl suit, which brought a little festive cheer as I was able to share it with Lu via pics and texts. I’ve even, finally, just last night begun the dreaded Christmas shopping, something I’ve simply not wanted to take time to do yet… for obvious reasons.

Still, onwards and upwards. Bye for now intrepid readers x

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