September Adventure

Well I guess I should have added to my last entry – back in January (!) – blog more often.

I don’t really know where to start and if I keep using that as a reason not to, it’ll never happen, so here goes nothing.

Selection of pictures from my weekend adventure.

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This weekend was, well, transformative for starters.

I took the weekend away, myself and a tent, to the woods. Scary biscuits, deep woods in the dead of night alone, but so very, very worth it. It was emotional (I’ve been feeling very weary/run down, so I needed some emotional time out), mental (I needed to clear my head and gather my thoughts away from the clutter of everyday life) and spiritual (on my shamanic path, I’ve been called to ‘vision quest’ for awhile now and knew that it would take some organising for me to feel the freedom to do so, hence…

I journeyed and settled intermittently on the first day, walking, exhaling, slowly letting go of the outside world and attuning to the place and to me, finally just breathing and being, by this morning.

I spent today on a personal vision quest, a good several hours in fact. Surprised even me. Especially the words that came tumbling out calmly, almost sedately, when my guides did their, well, guiding thing. So much released. So much let go. So much called upon and drawn in. Expelling, expressing, singing, howling, you name it. Performed a ritual with fire, burning words written almost in automatic writing, after reading and truly digested every word fully, first. Powerful stuff. Even stood naked under the moon.. but shush, don’t tell anyone. ~grin~

So much good to come, so much work to be done. I’m only just now, hours later, finally beginning to settle it all inside. I feel me. I found me again. I forgave them all, last but not least, me. I found love for them all, grace, understanding, compassion, and last but not least, me. I understood so many things that I hadn’t before, or only thought I had.

Bloody hell that was powerful stuff. ~grins~

I hope you enjoyed my first blog entry since the start of the year. Now I’ve started…

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2013 goals

Time I put these to paper (so to speak) as I’ve been mulling them over for weeks.

I used to keep a physical ‘dream journal’ and have taken great pleasure to read through it again recently, enjoying and ticking off the lists and pictures of those I’ve already achieved.

This year I begin again the tradition again that I kept for years of setting a goals list at the beginning of the year, only here in my journal. Something good and useful it can do for me at last! Without the list, things become a wishy washy one day maybe kind of dreams list; with it, even if I don’t achieve them all, I do successfully achieve much of them and certainly more than I do without it!

I have a full and complete ‘bucket list’ where I keep all my life goals, adding to them as they occur to me; it’s time to make a dent in it again. So here goes for the coming year…

1. Visit Turkey, to begin to tick off at least one a year of my bucket list ‘travel’ goals. [Travel]

2. Take both mum (for mothers day) and Lina (to keep my promise when she turns 16) to Spain to see Ben. [Pleasure & Promises]

3. Learn Spanish (already know some; revisit and complete the CD course to tick off my bucket list) [Education]

4. Finish my Advanced Psychotherapy course in June & begin Higher Advanced in September. [Professional & Education] (achievable target towards the longer term goal to become Dr Green)

5. Learn to play my guitar (began with son Tony, revisit and continue) [Education]

6. Write (book) [Achievements] (minimum; map/plan it out properly and begin writing it)

7. Spend more time with family and friends (visit parents more often, do more with my kids and grand-kids, visit further family that I haven’t seen in many years and spend more time with our friends) [Personal]

8. Clear out, clean and decorate our home (lots done, finish the job!) [Personal]

9. Get my own CAR again for work, and ride my bike much more for pleasure [Personal]

10. Establish my rolling private client list properly to stabilise longer term income [Professional] (set up outside professional office once client list warrants it)

11. Finally quit smoking, lose that elusive last two stone, and integrate regular exercise again [Personal]

12. …add one thing to this list every time I tick one off so that my list at the beginning of next year looks just as glorious! [Forward planning]

There… I think that’s a fairly fabulous, achievable and superb list personally. I’m really looking forward to this year, at last. Huzzah and go me!

~doffs cap~

DK x

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“I will take you… from who you are closer to who you want to be, using your own mind, body and spirit.”

Focusing on self development, growth and a healthy life progression.

Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Life Coach, NLP, CB hypnotherapy and
Tarot reader. Educator and facilitator in alternative lifestyle choices e.g. BDSM, power exchange, polyamory, tantra and spirituality.

Dealing primarily with sexuality, gender and sexual trauma, from both sides of the equation.

Additionally dealing with bereavement, loss, stress, anxiety and anger management.

*Utilising your own mind, body and spirit to heal yourself*

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Letting go past hurts

“Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life.” Joan Lunden

I like this quote a lot. It doesn’t say it ‘all’, as there are times during which allowing oneself to fully feel the anger, resentment, hurt etc., are perfectly valid and sometimes actually entirely necessary.

However, I do believe that it is both common and possible to have something happen to us that feels so dreadful, wrong, bad, life changing or simply hurtful and damaging and yet still to eventually, freely and willingly, let it go and to forgive.

To let go of the aftermath of those things that continue to harm, limit and discolour us or our actions, thoughts and feelings. To forgive those who have truly hurt us, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

I know this to be true as like so many others, I have done so personally.

If I can? You can.

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First blog entry

“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse. However, if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.”


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Finally a place for my professional self

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Updated webpage header

My old bike, that lovely bundle of red gorgeousness that was my Honda CB400N (Superdream) that used to be on the header? Was stolen. Gutted much? Yes. Anyway thanks to the incredible generosity of a heck of a lot of people, friends, family, people who wanted to help… I have a new bike! My magnificent Suzuki Bandit 600. ~sighs happily~ So naturally I had to update my header accordingly. 😉

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