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Dreaming a reality

Finished work for today. Thoughts drift as I rest, to pictures of a bright and full future, glowing with hard work and magic. A new home between woods and sea on the south coast. A community, shared with beloveds and … Continue reading

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Spring has definitely sprung

I’m somehow more keenly aware of how blessed I am in this life lately. Revelling in unexpected sunshine and warmth, enjoying the scents and colours of new flowers and budding green shoots everywhere, and feeling my smile widen with the promise…

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The wheel turns once more

The breath of fresh air that this morning was for me, was a simple reminder of how that feels. The eyelid moistening relief. The tickle of an unbidden smile. Hope for the future. The allowance for room in each day to…

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New year new start?

The seasonal joy we see prolifically on social media around this time of year is wonderful. For those who are sharing it. That is unless of course you’re really not feeling the ‘Christmas cheer’. This can be for many reasons. Perhaps…

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Genitals Do Not Equal Gender

WARNING: graphic language. If this offends you, don’t watch! Genius. Our generation barely ‘scratched the scratch’ of all this gender business. YOUR Generation Holly; you will carry this forward to it’s only possible conclusion. This is the message of THIS … Continue reading

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Long time no see

My irregularity in posting entries on this is perturbing, if amusing. Hi all. Yes, I’m still here and very much alive. Life has had it’s share of ups and downs (haven’t we all) and yet I felt inspired to put … Continue reading

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September Adventure

Well I guess I should have added to my last entry – back in January (!) – blog more often. I don’t really know where to start and if I keep using that as a reason not to, it’ll never … Continue reading

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