About your counsellor

My forename is simply ‘DK’.

I’m a mid-forties parent and grandparent with a very eclectic, interesting and varied life. My family and home are key to my happiness, as is travel and exploration of life in general.

This phrase incorporates what how I see my role, as your therapist. “I don’t have a magic wand. I just happen to carry a few more road maps than you do for this particular situation. You’re still driving!”

I counsel both professionally and for charity (pro bono), am experienced and qualified, as well as enjoyably pursuing constant further training and education indefinitely.

Additional skills within my available tool-kit include life coaching, hypnotherapy, N.L.P. Sex education and coaching.

I deal with all general issues and several specialised. Anger, grief, bereavement, loss, depression, stress, anxiety, sexual/gender/LGBTQ struggles, challenges and traumas, and fundamentally a client’s willingness to change, challenge and welcome their own personal growth and development. If in doubt? Just reach out and ask.

Familiar with several alternative lifestyle choices, therefore additionally dealing with clients from the polyamory, transgender and kink communities. If in doubt that your particular challenge is something I’d be willing to help you with, again please feel free to just ask me.

I also read Tarot professionally. In addition I completed the 10 day silent meditation Buddhist Vipassana retreat (twice), three years of Shamanic circle training with Taz Thornton, Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra Practitioner courses, and UK workshops run by the likes of Dossie Easton’s, Raven Kaldera’s and more, amongst many other courses and pursuits. You could say I believe one can never acquire enough knowledge, experience or skills!

Personal interests have included paint-balling, body boarding, go-karting, beaches, reading, walking. I have tried my hand at most pursuits during my life from parachute jumping to pot holing, caving to climbing.

That’s more than enough  about me, I’m far more interested to learn about who you are. But do feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll be more than willing to answer.

Get in touch, let’s talk.

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