The LINKS shared below belong to people I care about, respect and admire. Please feel free to peruse and enjoy*

  • FJ Academy ~ Health & Social Care Accredited Training Services, Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Poly Counselling UK ~ UK counselling and therapy relating to polyamory and openly non-monogamous relationships
  • Rachel Green ~ Leatherdykeuk, muse of Jasfoup. Author, poet, swordsmith
  • Q-Tip ~ Dirty BlaQ Boi
  • Taz Firechild ~ Firechild Shamanism
  • Barbara Carrellas ~ Author, sex educator, university lecturer, workshop facilitator, sex/life coach, motivational speaker and theatre artist
  • Dossie Easton ~ Psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, educator, author
  • Fakir Musafar ~ Father of the modern primatives movement
  • Cleo Dubois ~ Kink educator, BDSM Coach, Consultant
  • Mollena ~ The perverted negress ‘it ain’t just the hair that’s kinky’
  • Rebecca Lowrie ~ Private sessions and workshops for individuals and couples exploring sacred, conscious sexuality, intimacy, sensuality and much more
  • Claire Black ~ Luscious London based dominatrix
  • Amanda Gay Love ~ Queer Hearted. Adventures in queer sexuality, love and joy
  • Rosie Lugosi ~ The Vampire Queen
  • Molly Devon ~ Author, artist, publisher, leatherwoman

*Warning: adult content

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