Here’s a place I can collect any personal testimonials. The Tarot and Counselling websites contain their own professional ones, LinkedIn, my CV etc. This one is just for those who wish to give me a personal reference or testimonial. What others think of me, what their experience of me was, what their opinion is in hindsight. Should prove interesting at least!

“I often think of you, probably every day and when I’m struggling with something think “I wonder what DK would do with this”. I don’t value many’s opinions or trust as much as yours. Honestly. I don’t need to ask or burden you with everything though, you answer by example. You have a tough life at times, a full life and you’ve done most things. I can’t think of anything that I’ve done that you haven’t but certainly see you have experience in things I don’t. That helps. And then there’s respect… you have my total respect too. Love having you as a friend, in my life.”

“My tarot reading with DK struck so many chords I feel I’m still reverberating. I felt totally affirmed in what I knew at a soul level, but had been withholding from my own consciousness. His insights were delivered in a truly compassionate and down-to-earth way, helping me to feel safe with my ‘new’ knowledge and excited about moving forward on this journey. Thank you, DK.”
Anna S.

Please feel free to drop me a line with yours, just a line or two is fine! Thanks folks.

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