Runes, Dreams, Palms




If Runes are more your preferred style than cards then I can fully accommodate you. I use three sets so feel which suits you best and let me know. They are all Elder Futhark as those are the ones I prefer to work with.

  • Wooden set, hand made by my beloved for me.
  • Stone set, hand picked & painted from the Welsh coast by me.
  • Gem set, commercially available, but packs a punch!



How many times have you woken and wondered what that dream holds in store for you? What did it mean? After many years of accurate dream interpretation for friends and family I am now offering this service to all.


Having found an interest in the lines and pads of the palm at an early age, my love of them has returned and I now offer a full palm reading service. A photograph is all I will need, although I have been successful with as little as a ‘photocopy’ or a ‘scan’!


If you have any further curiosity about what I may or may not offer, please DO enquire. The only stupid question is the one that was never asked. For example I have experience and am trained in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, NLP, life coaching… and oh so much more. Do get in touch, EMAIL ME!

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